Air Duct Cleaning

Our professionally trained technicians employ state of the art air duct cleaning technology and equipment to perform your air duct cleaning.

1. A pre-inspection is conducted with a special duct inspection camera.

2. Technicians begin cleaning al interior sufaced in the direction of air flow using mechanical agitation, contact vacuuming and a combination of brushes and power whips. All matter vacuumed is sanitized through our HEPA filter system.

3. Sanitation products are used to further ensure a clean air duct system and a heallthy home envionment.

How Often Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?​​

Whenever you have rats or mice, which have gotten into your attic and air duct system, it’s imperative that all air ducts get cleaned. Rodents carry disease, and their feces contain bacteria which makes breathing unsafe.

Determining when to clean air ducts also depends on how much dust you have in your surrounding area.
If there is little to no dust, once every 5 years is a good rule. If you live in an area near heavy construction where there are many dust particles in the air, we recommend cleaning your air ducts once construction is complete and dust has settled.


Get on a rat control maintenance service to prevent future infestations. The best way to keep rats out of your home is to control the population outside. This can be achieved on a regular maintenance plan.


Have your air ducts inspected every 5 years to make sure there are no holes or leaks of any kind.