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Whole House Solutions

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Termite Radar Treatment

With radar treatment, there’s no moving out or tenting.

Our termite control radar treatment is guaranteed for four years, just like our fumigation.

What is radar treatment? Termites are constantly in motion. Using new radar technology, we can detect their movement within your walls and pinpoint the colonies for direct termite extermination.

Termite Fumigation

75% of our fumigations come from customer referrals: That’s a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our termite extermination services.

Fumigation is a proven method to exterminate 100% of the termite colonies in your home. With Corky’s, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get the lowest price — and a four-year guarantee!

Here’s a brief overview of the termite fumigation process: A tarpaulin (tent) is placed over your home and sealed off, along with all other attached structures. Once sealed off, a fumigant is released inside, killing all of the termites. This process normally takes three days to complete.

Before we perform this service, there are steps you as a homeowner must take in preparation. Our termite inspection team will let you know what those steps are and provide you with a checklist.

Local and Regional Solutions

Spot Tretaments
Heat Treatments
Subterranean Treatments

Termite Spot Treatments

There’s no tenting or moving out with a spot treatment.

Spot treatments are a convenient way to get rid of a localized area termite infestation.

The spot treatment process entails drilling small holes into the wood, and then injecting a dry termiticide, Termidor Dry ®. As with all of our termite control methods, local spot treatments are guaranteed for four years.

This method of termite control is designed to target local points of infestation. If your property has more than three localized areas that need attention, a more appropriate solution may be recommended.

Termite Heat Treatments

Heat treatment is a non-chemical, green termite control solution.

There are no chemicals or gases used during the heat control process — just hot air. The entire heat process typically takes less than a day to complete, and move-out isn’t required.

How does this termite control method work? We seal off the infested area and gradually raise the temperature to the necessary level to kill the termites. The hot temperature is maintained for several hours to ensure the total eradication of the infestation.

This process is the perfect regional solution for attics, an individual condo or apartment units.

We do not use this method to treat an entire house.

Subterranean Termite Treatments

Long-lasting subterranean termite treatment.

Because these termites live underground, they can cause serious damage to structures by attacking their foundations. We exterminate subterranean termites by digging a trench around the perimeter of your home, then applying a non-repellent termiticide (Termidor ®) into the trench. Whenever a termite touches or ingests Termidor®, it becomes a “carrier,” transferring Termidor ® to others in the colony, spreading it like a virus.

Besides eliminating the entire colony, the application of Termidor ® establishes a protective barrier between these destructive pests and your home. Our subterranean termite treatment provides an extremely effective long-lasting solution for the extermination of these wood-destroying pests.

Corky's Total Termite Defense
Termite Watch Program

Low-cost, year-round protection exclusively for annual customers.

Defend your home with Corky’s year-round protection.

Corky's Annual Termite Control “Watch Program” guards against both drywood and subterranean termite infestations throughout the life of your service agreement.

To get started, we perform a full photo inspection to verify conditions are conducive to starting the program. Once verified, here’s how we keep you protected:

A certified specialist will look for signs of termites while performing your regular pest service. If any infestation is discovered, your technician will inform you of necessary corrective measures. All recommended procedures are automatically covered under this plan.

We’ll perform a full photo inspection every two (2) years to monitor conditions on your property. If an infestation is ever discovered, we’ll get rid of it promptly.

* Existing infestations must be eliminated before the program begins. Conditions conducive to infestation must also be remedied before starting the program. Repairs recommended by your inspector may be performed by your preferred contractor or you may choose to have us perform the repairs at our special customer rates.

Money-Back Guarantee

  • If termites re-infest an area that we have previously exterminated, we will re-treat that area, free of charge, for up to four years from the date of our original termite control treatment. Any ancillary expenses will be covered by the homeowner.
  • Guarantee not transferable to a new home owner.

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