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Why Choose Corkys

For more than 48 years, Corkys has been perfecting its spider service for Southern California. Needless to say, it's very effective. Our pest control is performed by the most knowledgeable pest professionals in the industry.
Plus, we guarantee our service.

Service Process

Try our comprehensive service provided by a licensed professional.

Corky’s offers an awesome initial spider service that you can have done once or to start an annual pest plan. You’ll find that our annual service is the best in Southern California because it is customized for each customer property and it changes with infestations for each season.


Here’s what our extensive service entails for premium annual customers:

While brushing the cobb webs from all of the areas of your home and your fencelines, our technician is inspecting your property looking for hiding places where colonies may reside. When colonies are found, the technician treats the nests on the spot.

We treat the cracks and crevices in the eaves, window casings and door frames. We also treat the foundation.

We carefully treat plants such as roses, hibiscus, citrus trees, fruit trees, eugenia, ficus, pittosporum, as well as conifers like pines and spruces that are susceptible to infestation by plant sucking insects which in turn supply food for target pests.

We spray the property perimeter and fencelines, and other trouble areas found during the property inspection.

We treat the underside of your patio furniture. This is the one place little eight-legged creatures always seem to be.

We want your business and will do a premium job for you.

It's Raining Spiders

How do spiders get in your home and yard?

Spiders fly or rather float to find better places for survival. As new spiderlings they release several silk threads that form a kind of parachute. This balloon silk carries them away in the wind. This behavior is called ballooning or kiting. Not all the babies survive the trip which can range from just a few meters to several hundred miles.

Spiderlings can land anywhere: plants, fences, pool equipment, patio furniture, doorways and window sills. When they land, they crawl to the nearest shaded area for protection. Immediately they begin building a web to capture food and have a safe place to continue growth. As the spiders growth continues, so does the size of its web, becoming massive as time passes.

Many spiders live for a year or longer depending on the species. The ones that land on your property during a spring breeze will mature to adulthood by the time fall rolls around. Most species stay outside all the time and never come in houses. However in autumn, mature male house spiders start to move around in search of mates. Although most remain outside, some might be drawn by your home’s heat will go inside if they come across an easy entry point.


We are confident that the service we provide will meet or beat your expectations for the control of spiders on your property. If in the event, our initial efforts do not afford you the control you expected and subsequent corrective measures are unsuccessful in this regard, we will refund the amount of your last paid service.

A landscape tick prevention treatment is included in the Spider Service as a free added benefit. There is no implied guarantee for this insect as ticks may be brought to the property by skunks, opossums, rats and other outside sources that are beyond our control.

We’re here to provide the best pest control service!

Money Back Guarantee!

***Above prices are based on an average sized home and lot.***