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Why Choose Corky’s Pest Control?

What distinguishes Corky’s from many of our competitors, is our agricultural pest control license which enables us to treat your landscape. Since plants and trees are where many of your spiders are living, having this agricultural license gives us a distinct advantage in controlling your spider population. At Corky’s we take care of the spiders inside and outside your home.

When performing Summer spider services, we brush the webs from your eaves to ensure precise treatment of the spaces where spiders like to hide. For late Fall, Winter and Spring spider services, we thoroughly treat the plants and shrubs around your home. We always treat cracks and crevices, window casings, doorframes and foundations. We also treat the fences, patio furniture and the plantings where spiders hide.

Corky’s knowledgeable professional technicians inspect every area of your property and use all necessary treatments to provide a perfect service. We only use Botanical and/or Low-Impact products. We have the perfect year round service plan specially developed for Southern California properties.


Stop the Spider Invasion

Residential Service Plan

Try the unique Spider control service that makes Corky's Pest Control famous!

Look at the comprehensive service you'll receive by a licensed technician.

Step 1: Property Inspection

Property Inspection
A thorough inspection of your property is always performed by your technician to search out existing trouble spots, that you may or may not know exist.

Step 2: Structural Treatment

Structural Treatment
We always treat the window casings, door frames, eaves, and foundations to put the treatment in the areas where spiders find ways onto your property and into your home.

Step 3: Search & Destroy Treatment

Winter Treatment: Plants, Shrubs and Trees
During Winter and through early Summer, we carefully treat plants such as roses, hibiscus, citrus trees, fruit trees, eugenia, ficus, pittosporum, as well as conifers like pines and spruces that are susceptible to infestation by aphids which in turn supply food for spiders.

Step 4: Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture
We treat the underside of your patio furniture. This is the one place spiders always seem to habitate.

***Interior services are sometimes necessary if ants have taken up residence inside your home. These services are available for an additional charge.***

Our Spider Control Service

Spider Video Script

Hi, this is Corky, and i want to tell you about our ant and spider service which gets us more referrals from our customers than all the advertising that we do.

People usually call us for help after ants and spiders are already in their house.

If ants and spider populations are allowed to flourish in the landscape outside your home, the problem will eventually make its way inside your home.

Corkys Pest Control is licensed to treat your landscape. Most other pest control companies aren’t. This gives us a huge advantage in controlling ants and spiders. Our consistent, year round, outdoor approach enables us to stop them before they come inside.

When insects are in your landscape, your house will be the closest place they can find water and is usually in your sink.

Spiders can be found on your fence lines and your plants on the side of your house where you usually see their webs.

We treat all the cracks and crevices next to the driveways and sidewalks. Our treatment on the eaves, window casings and door front of your house will keep those spiders from going back into the cracks and crevices.

We spray down into the root zones of the plants and turn our application upward - and treat the underside of the leaves to make sure we control any spiders or other migratory insects that might be there. We inspect and treat all of the large plantings on your property that we can get to.We treat the foundation of your home, even behind the shrubs and plants, to make sure we get a good application there.

We get under, and treat the underside of your patio furniture. This is the major place where spiders seem to congregate.

Treatment to the eaves is especially important to keep the spiders from building their webs there.

Try our service and find out why our customers are so satisfied. We do over 87,000 of these applications a year. If you have any questions this video didn’t answer, please call our office and talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives.

They will be very glad to help you!