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Corky's has the perfect year round service plan especially developed for your Southern California property, performed by the most knowledgeable pest professionals in the industry.

This annual service controls and prevents many types of insects!

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Try our comprehensive service provided by a licensed professional.

Here’s what our extensive service entails for premium annual customers.

While brushing the cobb webs from your eaves, window casings, door frames and fencelines, our technician is inspecting your property looking for hiding places where insects may reside.

When performing Summer spider services, we brush the webs from your eaves to ensure precise treatment of the spaces where spiders like to hide. We always treat cracks and crevices, window casings, doorframes and foundations. We also treat the fences, patio furniture and the plantings where spiders hide.

We carefully treat plants such as roses, hibiscus, citrus trees, fruit trees, eugenia, ficus, pittosporum, as well as conifers like pines and spruces that are susceptible to infestation by plant sucking insects which in turn supply food for ants.

We spray the property perimeter and fencelines, and other trouble areas found during the property inspection.

We want your business and will do a premium job for you.

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It's Raining Spiders

Spiders Ballooning

Spiderlings float in on the wind (ballooning) and are indifferent as to where they are gong to land. Not all survive the trip ranging from just a few meters to several hundred miles.

When they land on something such as the side of your house, they crawl to the nearest shaded area for protection.

They also land on plants, fences, pool equipment, doll houses and patio furniture. They immediately begin building a web to capture food and have a safe place to continue growth. As the spiders growth continues, so does the size of the web, becoming massive as time passes.

Many spiders live for a year or longer depending on the species. Spiders that land on your property during a Spring breeze will mature to adulthood by the time Fall rolls around.

Spiders don’t specifically want to enter your home; in fact they’d rather stay away as there’s less food and it’s too dry and clean. Most species of spider stay outside all the time and never come in houses. However in autumn, mature male house spiders start to move around in search of mates. Although most remain outside, some will move into a house if there is an entry point for them.

Spiders might be drawn by your home’s heat so if they come across any small opening, they can easily get inside. A lot will just leave again as they prefer the outdoors but some will always stay inside.