It's Raining Spiders

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It's Raining Spiders

Spiders Ballooning

Dusting for webs.

Web Removal


Black Widow

Black Widow

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Brown Widow

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Orb Web Weaver

Orb Weaver

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

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Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider

Spider Recluse

Recluse Spider


Protect your home and landscape against Spiders and Ants for the same low price. One service covers both.

Spiders fly in the sky and infest your yard. More than 90% of a all spiders balloon to get around. Landing in your plants, shrubs, trees, fences, garages, eaves, roofs, door frames and windows.

Hundreds of spiders emerge from egg sacs and climb to the highest point. Through their spinneret they produce web strands that act as parachutes. The spiderlings wait for the wind to carry them away to where food is more plentiful. This is known as ballooning. They can travel 10 feet to 1,000 miles depending on the updraft.

Stop the Spider Invasion

Residential Service Plan

Try the unique Ant & Spider service that makes Corky's Pest Control famous!

Look at the comprehensive service you'll receive by a licensed technician.

Dusting for webs.

1. We sweep away the spider webs from the eaves, windows and door frames using a special web duster. We also perform this service on your property perimeter fence lines.

Crack and Crevice treatment.

2. We spray the cracks and crevices of the hardscape edges and the foundation.

Window casings and doorframes.

3. We spray window casings and door frames.

Treatable plants and shrubs.

4. We inspect and treat plantings where there is evidence of ants and spiders.

Perimeter protection.

5. We spray the property perimeter to help prevent foraging insects from entering your property.


6.We spray the eaves to control spiders and keep them from their hiding places.

We’re confident that once you experience the great results of our service, you’ll want to become a regular customer.

  • We do not spray flowering plants when Bees are present and foraging or on hot summer days.
  • We inspect every area of your property and use all necessary treatments to provide a perfect service.
  • We only use Botanical or Low-Impact products on your property.

Everyone knows that ants and spiders come into your house from the landscape. Keeping these plant insects in check is the first step in ant and spider control. Plant inventories are maintained to ensure that our service is appropriate for your property. Controlling the insects outside of your home is the key to effectively controlling insects that invade your home.