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The Most Effective Snail Program in the World!

Snails can be effectively controlled, but it just takes time and manual labor. We physically remove the snails from your property. Most gardeners put out bait, more bait, and still more bait with very little success.

Snails are also the favorite food of roof rats. When snails start disappearing and you find hollow or crushed snail shells around, you can almost take it for granted that a small animal is eating the snails (most probably a rat).

Life Cycle

Snails have both sex organs and are hermaphrodites. They mate with another snail, then both lay eggs. Eggs (fewer than 200) are laid in small cavities in the soil hollowed out by the parent. They hatch in less than three weeks. Newly hatched snails stay close to their birthplace for several days feeding on the surrounding vegetation. It takes one to three years to reach maturity.