Corky’s Cockroach treatments are sold by application. (Heavier infestations may require additional treatments spaced 10-14 days apart.) The effectiveness of this service depends on the occupant’s partnership preparation.

Upon arrival, our Technicians will customize a treatment plan. This treatment may include vacuuming for visible and accessible roaches and egg cases, as well as the application of a state approved material for the control of roaches.

Preparation for Indoor Services

It is necessary for you to prepare for our arrival and a succesful treatment of your home. Here is what you do.

  • Remove all food from countertops and cabinets.
  • In all infested areas, remove items, clean with soap and water (including in and under sinks and cabinets).
  • Move the refrigerator and stove away from wall for unobstructed access
  • Prepare all occupants and animals to leave the premises for up to four (4) hours or until the treatment materials are dry.
  • Prepare birds and reptiles to leave the premises for ten (10) hours minimum.

Cockroaches spread disease and contaminate food products and are predominately located in your kitchen and bathroom areas. We recommend you thoroughly clean these areas and have Corky’s Annual Pest Control Service provided around the exterior of your home.

After treatment is completely dry, you may return the cleaned uninfested sealed products back to the cabinets. Do not clean the treated areas after the treatment, this will remove the materials used to combat your problem and will leave you unprotected.

If you are uneasy about having your food stored in close proximity to the materials, shelf paper may be used as a barrier.