Rats and Mice


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When a female rat no longer has a safe place to hide her babies from dominant male rats while searching for her food, she will gnaw her way into your home where other rats seldom frequent and hide her young there.


Rats spread disease, damage structures and contaminate food and animal feed, as well as the environment around them. Experts claim, if you see one rat, there are at least 50 more close by. You will rarely see rats unless population pressure drives them from there hiding places.


The rodent population outside must be reduced before any changes to the landscaping or structure are done. Rats have teeth that can gnaw through lead pipe. So, no matter how well you exclude them from your home, unless you reduce the population they will come back inside.

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Mouse Service

Mice are looking for a warm, safe environment with access to food and water and generally don’t travel more then 10 feet from their nest. Good sanitation and proper food containers will aide in the reduction of mouse infestation.
Advise your technician of all mouse activity to ensure a successful treatment.

Upon arrival, your Technician will customize a treatment plan and will:

  • Inspect to locate the rodent access points and determine activity level.
  • Install Interior Rodent Control Device(s) to eliminate the mice.
  • Will advise you if rodent exclusion is necessary and what areas need to be sealed.
***Most Mice Treatments are controlled with one treatment, depending on the level of infestation***

We currently perform successful rodent extermination and control treatments on more than 5,000 properties per month in San Diego. This process can be too complicated for most homeowners and by the time supplies are purchased, savings are minimal.

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