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Pantry Pests

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There are many types of beetles, weevils, moths, and silverfish that commonly infest cupboards. They find their way into your pantry by hitchhiking on food products, or in storage bags and boxes. In most cases the adults lay eggs in cracks and crevices of shelving, boxes and rims of canned goods.

Corky’s Pantry Pest treatments are sold by application. This treatment includes infested areas especially cracks and crevices. (Heavier infestations may require additional treatments). It is not uncommon to see a few of these pests after the initial service. Identifying the type of Pantry Pest will aid in finding the source of infestation.

Preparation for Indoor Services

It is necessary for you to prepare for our arrival and a succesful treatment of your home. Here is what you do.

  • Prepare all occupants and animals to leave the premises for up to four (4) hours or until the treatment materials are dry.
  • Prepare birds and reptiles to leave the premises for ten (10) hours minimum.
  • Remove and examine all items from the pantry or areas of infestation.
  • Throw away any infested items in a sealed bag and dispose of in the outside trash.
  • Inspect and clean all canned goods.
  • Remove all shelf paper and wash cupboards with hot soapy water.

After treatment is completely dry, you may return the cleaned uninfested sealed products back to the cupboards. Do not clean the treated areas after the treatment, this will remove the materials used to combat your problem and will leave your pantry unprotected.

If you are uneasy about having your food stored in close proximity to the materials used in treatment, shelf paper may be used as a barrier.

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