Indoor Pest Services

Interior Pests

Let’s face it—there is nothing worse than finding your home full of pests. Common insects that try to consider your house their home include cockroaches, fabric pests such as clothes moths and carpet beetles, pantry pests such as beetles and moths, among many others. Adding to these are pests that will actually feast on you in your own home—bed bugs and fleas. Some mice would also prefer to live indoors. Corky’s can solve your interior pest problems, and make your life more livable inside your own home. After all, it is meant to be your home—not the pests!

Reclaim your home and send these pests packing!

  • Pantry Pests - moths and beetles flying and crawling around your cupboards?
  • Fabric Pests - holes in your clothes, carpet beetles crawling out of your rugs?
  • Cockroaches - things scurrying around when you turn on your kitchen lights?
  • Bed Bugs - are you itching and being bitten in your own bed?
  • Fleas - dogs and cats scratching and making you scratch, too?
  • Mice - small furry critters dashing around and leaving droppings?

These services can be added to your regular service or purchased separately.