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Pocket Gopher

Pocket Gophers are native to California, active all year-round and do not hibernate. Peak times for mound building begin in Spring and continue through the Fall.

Corky’s Pest Control technicians are highly skilled in assessing the degree of infestation and applying the appropriate control measures.

An unoccupied Gopher System is a furnished apartment waiting for a new occupant. Therefore, Gopher Services are priced per application.

Gopher Burrow

Corky’s Pest Control utilizes two methods of Gopher Control.

  1. Smoke Cartridges: A flare-like device, that when ignited and properly placed in the Gopher Tunnel causes rapid asphyxiation.
  2. Gopher Scram: Alters Pocket Gophers environment by making their food source unpalatable and making surrounding soil smell bad.

Keep in mind a regularly scheduled Gopher Service is imperative in controlling this type of damaging rodent due to their comprehensive tunnel systems.