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Corky’s Gopher Control packs a one-two punch.
Pocket Gopher Gopher Mound

Corky’s Gopher Service
Gophers eat your plants and dig invisible tunnels underground leaving fan-shaped mounds with a hole off to one side. They are very hard to combat. That’s why Corky’s Pest Control uses more than one method to control these pests. Our licensed professionals are highly-skilled in assessing the degree of infestation and applying the appropriate control measures to get rid of the gophers on your property.

TREATMENT- Corky’s Pest Control utilizes two methods of Gopher Control.

Smoke Cartridges: A flare-like device, that when ignited and properly placed in a gopher tunnel causes rapid asphyxiation.

Gopher Scram: Alters Pocket Gophers’ environment by making their food source unpalatable and making surrounding soil smell bad.

Keep in mind a regularly scheduled Gopher Service is imperative in controlling this type of damaging rodent due to their comprehensive tunnel systems.

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