Termite Services
Free Termite Inspection

We offer a four year guarantee on all Termite related work.
(Unless otherwise specified.)

Show us the area(s) of concern and we will perform a limited inspection that is usually non-invasive.
Many times these areas require only small local, low cost treatments.

Letting these existing problems compound over time does not make good sense.

Drywood Termites

Corky's Termite Radar

With Corky's Termite Radar, we can now detect all infestations inside your walls. You no longer have to tent to exterminate termites.
We Guarantee It!

Subterranean Termites


Treatment Comparison

Spot Treatments

Heat Treatment

Lowest Prices in Town, because:

We are a full service “Pest Control” company with our own fleet of Heat, Fumigation and Repair crew vehicles.
Many of our inspectors can perform spot treatments or small repairs while on the premises.

Other Termite services include:

California regulations require a termite inspection before any termite related work can be performed.